Assembly Processing

The multi part assembly process is one of our core service offerings. We manufacture the components gather spec hardware and bring it all together to produce the complete assembly. Written engineering instructions help assure a proper assembly process and high quality results. Assembly personnel are well trained and experienced. When required custom tooling is designed and built in support of the assembly process.

Part Configuration

  • Fabricated Assemblies
  • Machined Assemblies
  • Multi Part Assembly
  • Structural Assembly
  • Bracket Assembly
  • Precision Mechanical Assemblies

Riveting, Pressing, staking, Sizing, Cutting, Trimming, Fitting, Sealing and Touchup

Mechanical and Sub-Assemblies Installation
Nut Plates, Huck bolts, Lock bolts, Eddie Bolts, Hi-Lok, Hi-Shear, Self-Clinching Hardware

Rivet Fastening Assembly
Solid Rivets, Blind Rivets, Drive Rivet, Cherry Max, Cherry Lock, Semi-Tubular, Full Tubular

Threaded Fastener Installation
Treaded Inserts, Helicoil Insert, Keensert, Slimsert, Rosan Fittings, Blind Nut, Lock Wire Safety Wire

Precision Part Assembly
Bearing installation, Staking, Swaging, Roller Swaging, Chisel Staking, Ball Staking, V-groove Staking

Bushing Installation
Press-Fit, Shrink Fit, Sizing After Installation, Lee Plug Installation

Sealing and Touchup
Primers, Sealant, Loctite, Silicone and Adhesive sealing to Specifications