Extrusion Stretch Forming Process

The extrusion stretch forming process is ideal for producing a wide range of parts requiring contour shapes such as Angels, Formers, Longerons, Ribs, Stringers, Supports, Tees, because this process has typically lower non-recurring costs. The variety of shapes that can be formed is almost unlimited. The process involves the brake formed or extruded material to be held in place and with the use of hydraulic rams and manipulators a form tool is driven into the material to achieve the forming process.

Part Configuration

Angels, Formers, Longerons, Ribs,
Stringers, Supports, Tees,

Any Extruded or Formed Metal Part
Requiring Contoured Forming


Engineered Shapes in
Aluminum, Stainless Steel,

High temperature Alloys,
Titanium Alloy


Horizontal Stretch Press 25 Ton
300 In., 25 Ton

Horizontal Stretch Press 35 Ton
264 In., 35 Ton

Engineering Tooling

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