The Hydro-Forming Process

Hydro-Forming is a metal fabricating and forming process developed to provide a cost effective means to produce irregular contours that do not lend themselves well to stamping. This can be a single stage, or a multi stage process saving labor, tools, and materials. Sheet Hydro-Forming uses a form die and a sheet of metal. The blank sheet is driven into the die forming the desired shape. Virtually all metals capable of cold forming can be hydro-Formed. The process is very cost effective when it comes too small and medium quantity requirements along with complex shapes.

Part Configuration

Formers, Longerons, Robs, Stiffeners

Any Thin Metal Part Requiring Forming

Simple to Complex Shapes


Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel,

High Temperature Alloys,

Titanium, Brass, Copper


Hydro-Form Press 500 Ton
36″ x 36″ x 36″ 500 Ton

Hydro-Form Press 600 Ton
48″ x 52″ x 18″, 600 Ton

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